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Solicitation Detail

Central Purchasing Division
Contract Type
Mandatory Statewide

Solicitation Number:
SW Number:
Closing Date Status:

Ammunition, Firearms & Law Enforcement Supplies
Lisa Bradley
Closing Date:
Award Date:

Contract Period Starting Date:
Contract Period Ending Date:
Agreement Period Starting Date:
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  Attachment Title Attachment Type File Type Comments
Bidder instructions 0900000488 Solicitation pdf Solicitation Instructions
Attachment A Solicitation 0900000488 Solicitation pdf Solicitation
Attachment B State General Terms 0900000488 Solicitation pdf General Terms
Attachment C Statewide Specific Terms 0900000488 Solicitation pdf Statewide Terms
Attachment D- Reference Survey Solicitation pdf Reference Survey
Exhibit 1-Pricing Submittal-0900000488 Solicitation xlsx Priicng Template
Responding Bidder-CP076-1 Solicitation pdf Bidder Information
NonCollusionCP004 Solicitation pdf NonCollusion Form
OMES_FillableVendorPayeeForm Solicitation pdf Vendor Payee Form
0900000488_Amendment 1 Amendment pdf Q&A Amendment 1
0900000488_Amendment 2 Amendment pdf Closing Date Extended to 7/15/2021
SW0220_Statewide Contract Summary Contract pdf Contract Award and Vendor Information
ClydeArmory 0-6269 - signed Contract pdf Clyde Armory PS Contract
Clyde Armory Pricing Contract xlsx Clyde Armory Pricing
SW0220 ClydeArmory- signed Contract pdf Clyde Armory Contract
Con10Gency 0-6272 - signed Contract pdf Con10Gency PS Contract
Exhibit 1- Con10gency Consulting Pricing Submittal-0900000488 Contract xlsx Con10Gency Pricing
SW0220 Con10Gency Contract - signed Contract pdf Con10Gency Contract
COPS 0-6268 - signed Contract pdf COPS Products PS Contract
COPS PRODUCTS_Rev Pricing Contract xlsx Cops Products Pricing
SW0220_CopsProducts_ Contract - signed Contract pdf Cops Products Contract
Galls 0-6271 - signed Contract pdf Galls PS Contract
Galls Pricing Contract xlsx Galls Pricing
SW0220_Galls_Contract - signed Contract pdf Galls Contract
GTDistributors 0-6267 - signed Contract pdf GT Distributors PS Contract
GT Dist Pricing Contract xlsx GT Distributors Pricing
SW220 Contract - GT Distributors - signed Contract pdf GT Distributors Contract
Precision Delta 0-6266 - signed Contract pdf Precision Delta PS Contract
Precision Delta Pricing Contract xlsx Precision Delta Pricing
SW0220 Precision Delta Contract - signed Contract pdf Precision Delta Contract
ProForce 0-6270 - signed Contract pdf ProForce PS Contract
Proforce Pricing Contract xlsx ProForce Pricing
SW220 Proforce Contract - signed Contract pdf ProForce Contract
TXAT 0-6273 - signed Contract pdf TXAT PS Contract
Final TXAT AGUILA LE Exhibit-1-Pricing-Submittal-0900000488 (3) Contract xlsx TXAT Pricing
SW0220 TXAT Contract - signed Contract pdf TXAT Contract
SW220_Addendum 1 Addendum pdf Lockbox Options
SW220_Addendum 2 Addendum pdf Additional Suppliers:  Baysinger and H & H
Baysinger 0-6326 - signed Contract pdf Baysinger PS Contract
Revised Pricing Addendum xlsx Baysinger Pricing
EXECUTABLE Contract Template - Baysinger - signed Contract pdf Baysinger Contract
H H 0-6327 - signed Contract pdf H & H PS Contract
SW0220_HH_Contract - signed Contract pdf H & H Contract
SW0220_Statewide Contract Summary(Rev 11.2021) Contract pdf Revised Summary

SW Contract for ammunition, firearms, and law enforcement supplies.  SW220, 220, ammo, guns, cuffs, gas, pepper, riot gear, less lethal, OC spray, pouches, holsters, batons, helmets, sights, grips, Clyde Armory, Con10Gency, COPS prodcuts, Galls, GT Distributors, Precision Delta, ProForce, TXAT, Baysinger, H & H, H&H,

46150000 Law enforcement
46151600 Security and control equipment
46151601 Handcuffs
46151602 Night sticks
46151500 Crowd control equipment
46151506 Riot batons
46151502 Riot helmets
46151503 Riot shields
46100000 Light weapons and ammunition
46101600 Ammunition
46101601 Defense or law enforcement ammunition
46101500 Firearms
46101504 Handguns
46101502 Police or security shotguns
46101800 Arms and ammunition accessories

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    July 1st, 2010, Central Purchasing will require suppliers to register with Central Purchasing prior to completion of award (read more). Failure to do so will delay contract award.
  • Reminder: It is the Bidder's responsibility to check the OMES/Central Purchasing website frequently for any possible amendments that may be issued. Central Purchasing is not responsible for a bidder's failure to download any amendment documents required to complete a solicitation.
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