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In order to be eligible to attend the Basic Academy, officers must meet, at a minimum, the following conditions:


1.    Must be employed as a full-time, commissioned peace officer employed by an Oklahoma department or agency.  (Full-time peace officer is defined as a duly appointed or elected officer who is paid for working more than twenty-five (25) hours per week, as stated in Title 70, § 3311 et seq. of the Oklahoma Statutes.)

2.    All CLEET academy applicants must, within ninety (90) days of hire and prior to CLEET admission, score a minimum of 70% on the POSSE (Police Officer Selection and Screening Exam). Any applicant who fails to achieve a minimum of 70% on the test will not be admitted into the Basic Academy.

3.    All cadets, prior to admission, must obtain and provide proof of a minimum score of 70% on the CLEET Physical Assessment for Safe Participation.

4.    Be at least 21 years of age on date of hire/commission as a peace officer.

5.    Must be a United States citizen or in resident alien status, as defined by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

6.    Must possess a high school diploma or a GED equivalency certificate (minimum requirements).

7.    Must not have been convicted in state or federal court for any felony, crime of moral turpitude, or a crime of domestic violence.

8.    Must have fingerprint clearance from Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

9.    Must have undergone psychological evaluation by the employing agency using a psychological instrument approved by CLEET.

10.  Must not have been involuntarily committed to an Oklahoma state mental institution.

11.  Must certify that you are physically able to fully participate in and complete all phases of the CLEET Basic Peace Officer Certification Academy as mandated in CLEET rules.  In addition, you must provide a medical release signed by your physician.  (This document is provided in the Basic Academy Application Packet.)


2021 Basic and Bridge Academy Schedule





 A2101  2/1/2021  5/24/2021  2/1-2/2021
 A2101B  2/1/2021  4/7/2021
 A2102  5/17/2021  9/7/2021  5/17-18/2021
 A2102B  5/17/2021  7/22/2021
 A2103  8/30/2021  12/28/2021  8/30-31/2021
 A2103B  8/30/2021  11/3/2021


                                   *    NOTE:  CLEET staff will schedule the day and time of each candidate’s Physical Assessment for Safe

                                                      Participation exam.  That will then be forwarded to the candidate and agency.


To obtain a Basic Academy Application, please contact:


Vonnie Houser
Academy Coordinator








 Last Updated/Reviewed January 15, 2101