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Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES)


Accounts Table
Category Unit Document Title Description
CAP-Library Construction (CAP) Policy: P001 Clarification And Application Of Construction and Properties Fees
CAP-Library Construction (CAP) Policy: P002 Contract Management for Construction Management At-Risk Policy
CAP-Library Construction (CAP) Policy: P003 Roofing Program Requirements - Approved Manufacturers
CAP-Library Construction (CAP) Policy: P004 Shared Energy Savings Program Policy
CAP-Library Construction (CAP) Policy: P005 Building Certification Program - Guidelines for Implementation
CAP-Library Construction (CAP) Policy: P006 Emergency Declarations Clarifications and Guidelines Policy
CPO-Library Central Purchasing (CP) CPO Training Modules Training modules for the CPO program
CPO-Library Central Purchasing (CP) IM: Agency New Item Request Templates Item Maintenance
CPO-Library Central Purchasing (CP) IM: ANSI Standards Item Maintenance
Forms CAM (All Units) 012 Records Request Form
Forms Capitol Preservation (CPC) 001A Architecural Modifications Request for Approval of Arch Modifications (A)
Forms Capitol Preservation (CPC) 001B Art Request for Approval of Art
Forms Central Purchasing (CP) 001 Authorized Signature Authorized Signature
Forms Central Purchasing (CP) 002 Sole Source/Brand Sole Source or Sole Brand Acquisition Certification
Forms Central Purchasing (CP) 004 - Certification Bid/Contract Certification for Competitive Bid and/or Contract
Forms Central Purchasing (CP) 006 Approved Courses CPO Continuing Education Units Report
Forms Central Purchasing (CP) 007 CPO Infomation Change CPO Information Change
Forms Central Purchasing (CP) 009 Fixed Rate Certification Fixed Rate Certification
Forms Central Purchasing (CP) 010 Change Order Request Change Order Request
Forms Central Purchasing (CP) 011 Solicitation Amendment Amendment of Solicitation
Forms Central Purchasing (CP) 012 Conflict of Interest, Nondisclosure Replacement for forms 012 and 019 dated 11/2015
Forms Central Purchasing (CP) 016 Supplier Performance Evaluation Supplier Performance Evaluation
Forms Central Purchasing (CP) 018 Professional Services Requisition Guide Professional Services Requisitioning Guide
Forms Central Purchasing (CP) 020 Confirmation of On-Site Inspection Confirmation of On-Site Inspection
Forms Central Purchasing (CP) 021 Supplier Contract Certification Replacent for forms 021 and 079
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