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TUPS-TobaccoFreeSign.gifTobacco Use Prevention


To improve the health of Oklahomans of all ages and populations through community partnerships that prevent tobacco use among youth, reduce tobacco dependence, and promote smoke-free environments.

Tobacco's toll on Oklahoma

Tobacco is a killer.
Tobacco kills about 7,500 Oklahomans each year. It is our leading cause of preventable death, killing more Oklahomans than alcohol, auto accidents, AIDS, suicides, murders, and illegal drugs combined. 

Tobacco costs all of us a lot of money.
Tobacco use cost Oklahomans over a billion dollars in medical expenses and lost productivity every year.

Tobacco use is epidemic.
Over 21% of adult Oklahomans, about one in 5, currently use tobacco. 

Our children are becoming addicted.
According to the 2013 Oklahoma Youth Survey, 15.1% of high school respondents and 4.8% of middle school respondents currently smoke cigarettes.  More than 88,000 kids alive today in Oklahoma today will die prematurely from smoking.

Oklahomans who use tobacco don't want to.
Among Oklahomans who use tobacco, 75% of adults and 50% of middle and high school youth say they want to quit.


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The Center for the Advancement of Wellness
Oklahoma State Department of Health
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(405) 271-3619 or toll free 1-877-662-8887


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