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Central Purchasing Division
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Non-Mandatory Statewide

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Laboratory Equipment and Supplies
Asha Parks
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  Attachment Title Attachment Type File Type Comments
1459975931_VWR_Discount Schedule (1) Other pdf VWR Discount Schedule/Pricing
Fisher Scientific Category Names and Discounts Price Adjustment pdf Fisher Pricing / Catalog Discounts
NikonPriceList Other pdf Discount Structure
ATTACHMENT A - USAGE REPORT - 2016 Other xlsx Usage Report form
Addendum#1.Renewal Addendum pdf Renewal Addendum through 3/2018
Addendum#2 Fisher Contract Contract pdf New Contract for Fisher
SW0401 PS Contract Award 4755 Thermo Fisher 04.01.2019 Contract pdf Updated - SW0401 PS Contract Award 4755 Fisher 
SW0401 PS Contract Award 4420 Nikon Instruments 04.01.2019 Contract pdf Updated - SW0401 PS Contract Award 4420 Nikon
SW0401 Addendum 3 Addendum pdf Addendum 3 issued to extend SW0401
SW0401 Addendum 4 Addendum pdf Addendum 4 VIN change - VWR
SW0401 PS Contract Award 5184 VWR Funding 04.01.2019 Contract pdf Updated - SW0401 PS Contract Award 5184 VWR
SW0401 Addendum 5 Addendum pdf SW0401 - Addendum 5
SW401 Addendum 6 Addendum pdf Contract Renewal
SW401 Addendum 7 Addendum pdf New CPO contact info
SW401 Addendum #8 4-25-19 Addendum pdf Updated Thermo Fisher order info
SW0401 Addendum #9 3-11-20 Addendum pdf Contract Renewal
SW0401 Addendum #10 6-15-20 Addendum pdf CP Physical Address Change
SW0401 Addendum #11 3-18-21 Addendum pdf Contract Extension
SW0401 Addendum #12 9-29-21 Addendum pdf Lockbox Options
NEWBUYER SW0401 11.23.21 Addendum pdf NEW BUYER INFO
SW0401 Addendum #14_22-23 Renewal Addendum pdf Addendum #14 for 22-23, Renewal
PS#4755 Thermo Fisher 22-23 - signed Contract pdf PS#4755
Fisher Scientific category Discounts 22-23 Price Adjustment pdf Fisher Scientific discounts by category
PS#4420 Nikon Renewal 22-23 - signed Contract pdf Nikon PS# 4420 22-23
Nikon Price File_Dec 1 2020 Price Adjustment pdf Nikon Price File
PS#5184 VWR SW0401 signed 22-23 Contract pdf PS#5184 VWR 22-23
SW0401 Add#15 Extension_Exp9.30.23 Addendum docx SW0401 Add#15 Extension_Exp9.30.23
PS 4755 - signed Contract pdf Fisher PS1755 Exp9.30.23

Metadata: Scientific, laboratory, histology, equipment, baths. Water, filtering, purification and supplies. Laboratory slide stainer equipment. Polymerase chain reaction PCR, reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction RT PCR products, vectors. Cooling  washing, cleaning, environmental conditioning equipment.. Centrifuges and accessories, sampling, incubating, freeze dryers, lyopholizers and accessories. Deoxyribonucleic acid DNA sequencing, analysis kits, in vitro transcription, translation products. Libraries, related materials, boring, grinding, cutting, crushing, pressing. Microorganism propagation, transformation media, kits. Primers, linkers, adaptors. Crystallography, enclosures, fluid mechanics, laboratory ovens, nucleic acid extraction, purification, quantitation components. Gene arrays, blending, dispersing, homogenizing, ionic, electron solid state physics equipment and supplies. Furnaces, pumps and tubing. Electrophoresis, blotting system, heating, drying, entomological, animal laboratory, mixing, stirring, shaking. Specimen collection, transport containers, decanting, distilling, evaporating, extracting, nucleic acid labeling, detection systems, protein expression products. Fermentation, sieves, sifting, SW0401, SW401, 401, VWR, Fisher Scientific,Nikon, microscopes OMES Buyer Asha Parks,, 405_521_6674

41100000 Laboratory and scientific equipment
41103500 Laboratory enclosures and accessories
41104200 Laboratory water purification equipment and supplies
41105000 Laboratory sieves and sifting equipment and supplies
41106000 Nucleic acid labeling and detection systems
41106300 Polymerase chain reaction PCR and reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction RT PCR products
41102400 Laboratory heating and drying equipment
41102600 Animal laboratory equipment and accessories
41103200 Laboratory washing and cleaning equipment
41104000 Sampling equipment
41104800 Laboratory decanting and distilling and evaporating and extracting equipment and supplies
41105900 Libraries and related materials
41106100 Deoxyribonucleic acid DNA analysis kits
41106200 Microorganism propagation and transformation media and kits and equipment
41101800 Laboratory electron and solid state physics equipment
41102500 Laboratory entomological equipment and accessories
41102900 Histology equipment
41105200 Laboratory slide stainer equipment and accessories
41105700 Gene arrays
41106500 Protein expression products
41103400 Laboratory environmental conditioning equipment
41103700 Laboratory baths
41104300 Fermentation equipment
41104400 Laboratory incubating equipment
41101900 Laboratory ionic equipment
41102700 Crystallography equipment
41103900 Laboratory centrifuges and accessories
41104500 Laboratory ovens and accessories
41105100 Laboratory pumps and tubing
41106400 Primers and linkers and adaptors
41101500 Laboratory blending and dispersing and homogenizing equipment and supplies
41101700 Laboratory boring and grinding and cutting and crushing and pressing equipment
41103000 Laboratory cooling equipment
41104600 Laboratory furnaces and accessories
41104900 Laboratory filtering equipment and supplies
41105300 Laboratory electrophoresis and blotting system and supplies
41106600 Vectors
41104100 Specimen collection and transport containers and supplies
41104700 Laboratory freeze dryers and lyopholizers and accessories
41105500 Nucleic acid extraction and purification and quantitation kits and components
41105600 Deoxyribonucleic acid DNA sequencing products
41103300 Fluid mechanics equipment
41103800 Laboratory mixing and stirring and shaking equipment and supplies
41105800 In vitro transcription and translation products

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