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The Oklahoma PayCard provides a new convenience for state employees who do not have a bank account for direct deposit of their pay. Now, instead of being forced to find a place to turn your paycheck into cash, you will have the electronic convenience of the Oklahoma PayCard.

Oklahoma law (74 O.S. 292.12) requires that all new state employees use direct deposit to receive their pay. All current state employees are required to use direct deposit by June 30, 2007. Employees who are unable to have an account at a financial institution to receive their pay can use the Oklahoma PayCard.

Every payday, your Oklahoma PayCard will receive your payroll deposit...just like direct deposit. You can start using your money right away!

Among the many advantages to using the Oklahoma PayCard are:

  • It's a dependable way to receive your pay - no more waiting for checks to be handed out;
  • It saves time because you won't have to stand in line to cash or deposit your check;
  • It gives you more privacy because checks are seen by many people;
  • It saves check-cashing fees;
  • It allows you access to your pay wherever you are. You won't have to be at work to get your check, and;
  • It gives you new ways to manage your money.