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Electronic Payment Solutions

Electronic payments are the way of the future, and OK.gov wants to help your agency conduct secure electronic payment processing that will make online interaction with your agency more efficient. There are two different ways in which an agency can work with OK.gov to begin a payment processing system online.

(1) If the partner agency has already developed their web application, they can connect their application to OK.gov's Payment Module. This connection is done behind the scenes by processing the credit cards that the application accepts from the user and passing the information to OK.gov through a secure connection.

(2) If the partner agency doesn't have the application developed, OK.gov can work with the agency to utilize OK.gov's development resources and hosting to create the entire application, as well as the methods to communicate collected information back to the agency.

All communication is done through encrypted protocols, ensuring that the credit card information is secure. Both periodic and real time reporting can be generated and sent by e-mail listing the transaction information and period totals. Custom reporting can be developed if necessary to facilitate the agency's needs, within the limits of the information available for reporting.


Each credit card transaction is a three step process:

  • Registration/Account creation.
  • Initiation of the transaction, and retrieve the unique transaction ID.
  • Confirmation of receipt.

Once an agency has agreed to work with OK.gov, we have the technical details available to allow developers to create programs that will communicate with the OK.gov credit card module.


The first status retrieval should occur no sooner than 5 seconds after the transaction has been initiated, and each subsequent status retrieval should occur at least 3 seconds apart. Transactions typically take 5-10 seconds to authorize, but in the event the system switches to backup communications, it could take up to 60 seconds.

Please visit our contact us page to find out more about OK.gov's Payment Module.

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