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Welcome to the SoonerSafe Saferoom Rebate Program Application

SoonerSafe Saferoom Rebate Program Application

The SoonerSafe Safe Room Rebate Program is currently open and taking registrations. SoonerSafe has been open to registrations since 2011 and you do not have to re-register each year. Please be sure to read ALL the Rules and Regulations of the program. 

The intent of OEM is to have annual drawings, contingent upon federal funding.

Thank You, 

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First Time Users: All individuals must click the "First Time User" button above and follow all onscreen prompts.

Returning Users: If you have already proceeded through the "First Time User" process described above for this application, you can simply login to this application with the account you setup during the "First Time User" process.

Expired Passwords: Oklahoma state policy requires passwords to expire every 90 days. If you are unable to login please try resetting your password.